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Subject Overview

S1 – Home Economics – This is a practical based course with a focus on basic food preparation skills, food hygiene and organisational skills. This course aims to enable all pupils to work independently in the kitchen whilst observing hygiene and safety rules.

S2 – Home Economics – This is a practical based course with a focus on nutrition, local and seasonal foods and food growing and preparation. This course builds upon the skills pupils have gained in S1 and will give pupils an awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food choice and a knowledge of how different foods are grown and harvested.

S3 – Food, Health and Hygiene – This is a practical based course with a focus on food product development, nutrition, food labelling and careers within the food and drinks sector. Pupils will have the opportunity to complete a vocational qualification (REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate) and will take part in food growing and production.

S4/5/6 – Hospitality: Practical Cookery – National 4/5.
This course aims to further develop candidates’ life skills and enhance their personal effectiveness in terms of cookery and to provide a set of skills for those who wish to progress to further study in the hospitality context. In preparing candidates for life, the course anticipates their future needs and enables them to learn how to plan, prepare and cook food for themselves and others. It also develops organisational skills, which have an application in a wide variety of contexts.

The course aims to enable candidates to:

  • proficiently use a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes when following recipes
  • select and use ingredients to produce and garnish or decorate dishes
  • develop an understanding of the characteristics of ingredients and an awareness of their sustainability
  • develop an understanding of current dietary advice relating to the use of ingredients
  • plan and produce meals and present them appropriately
  • work safely and hygienically

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