Laboratory Science

Subject Overview

Skills for Work: National 5 Laboratory Skills

The Course provides a broad experiential introduction to laboratory science. Pupils will explore a variety and range of industries and services and the career opportunities, in science laboratories, in a local, national and global setting.

Young people will have the opportunity to develop the basic practical skills for working in a laboratory: measuring, weighing and preparing compounds and solutions, and to understand and implement the health and safety requirements for a safe working environment. The specific practical skills related to microbiology, radioactivity, chemical handling and laboratory instrumentation are developed.

Pupils will work with others to produce a plan to undertake a practical investigation to test scientific hypotheses related to a scientific topic. This will also involve reporting of the results, conclusions and evaluations of the investigation. The Course places emphasis throughout all Units on the employability skills and attitudes valued by employers which will help to prepare candidates for the workplace.

Successful completion of this course in S5 will allow pupils to progress into the Level 6 NPA in Lab Science. For further details about our Skills for Work course, please speak to Mrs Hamilton.


Level 6 NPA in Laboratory Science 

The National Progression Award (NPA) in Laboratory Science at SCQF level 6 (equivalent to a Higher) introduces the key skills required to pursue a career within a lab environment across a range of scientific disciplines. The NPA has been designed as both a vocational qualification to meet the workforce demands of the science industry, and as an entry route to higher level qualifications at Scottish colleges and universities.

The NPA prepares candidates for employment at technician or technologist level in research and industrial laboratories, or in the biotechnology, chemical, microbiological, pharmaceutical, and environmental industries.

The NPA consists of four mandatory Units detailed below and additional units chosen at the schools discretion.

  • Quality and Health & Safety Systems in Science Industries (including work experience)
  • Fundamental Chemistry: An Introduction
  • Mathematics for Science
  • Microbiological Techniques

This course is primarily available for young people in S6 who have completed the Skills for Work: National 5 Lab Skills course. For further details speak to Mrs Hamilton in the Science Department.





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