Subject Overview

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  

(Nelson Mandela)

In the Modern Studies department pupils learn to understand the world around us, and what shapes the people who exist within it. Things are never as black and white as they seem, and Modern Studies will dive deep into current events to explore what drives people and countries to act the way they do. For instance, what can drive a child soldier to kill their own family? Did the media really play a part in the election of Donald Trump? Who are #BlackLivesMatter?

These deep questions, and more, are explored within Modern Studies. This subject will give you the ability to understand why things are happening in the world around you, and what influences the behaviour of society.
This deals with vital skills – such as detecting bias, evaluation and communication; skills that will be essential for the rest of your life. Thinking critically about real issues that affect you, will ensure that you get the most from the world around you. You will develop the essential ability to question the world views of your friends, the news, and even your teachers!

S2 – USA
– Inequality in Africa

S3 – Media and Pressure Groups
– Social Inequality
– Child Soldiers

N5 – Unit 1: Democracy in Scotland
– Unit 2: Crime and the Law
– Unit 3: Terrorism

Higher – Unit 1: Democracy in Scotland and the UK
– Unit 2: Inequality
– Unit 3: South Africa






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